Resilient Warrior Yoga
Lisa Quintin

Get in touch with your inner warrior.

My goal is to help you connect, empower, heal and restore  


Use this site to connect with me about yoga class offerings.

I offer traditional yin and vinyasa flow, functional mobility & trauma informed classes.

I also invite you to connect with my personal blog about lived trauma informed life experiences from a PTSI family perspective.

As a Yoga Instructor, I want to make the practice of yoga safe,
accessible, enjoyable, and an integral part of people’s lives 
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Lisa Quintin

Lisa, has been a Yoga Alliance 200hr certified Instructor since 2017.  She is a mom, chocolate lover, first responder wife, zombie fan and aspiring yogi. Her goal as a yoga teacher is to help your body and mind connect to support physical and mental well being. 
Based out of the Annopolis Valley, Nova Scotia Lisa is a livelong learner who incorporates science based functional movement and breathing exercises within the framework of a traditional yoga practice. Are you ready to start you own mind body practice or would like to learn more? Contact Me.


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